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Every time we buy something, we are actually making a choice: whose labor is worthy and whose is poor, which human activities will develop and which will gradually fade away. By mindlessly paying for another can of beer / cola, a pack of cigarettes, overpriced cup of coffee in highly advertised cafe we actually choose. And our World is reflection of choices we make. It is we who finance marketing tricks of giant corporations that exploit our weakness. And then we wonder why we have become dependent of them. It is we who don’t thank those very useful but modest people (well, sometimes we throw them some cookies as a reward). But it is we who willingly pay triple price to any brazen wheeler-dealer. And then we wonder why there are so little honest and fair people. It is we who generously reward mercenary work, but we take unselfishness for granted. And then we wonder why acquisitiveness and cold calculation rules the World. This is the World that we cultivate day by day. But I believe that once we will realize that means for creation of better World are in our hands and everyone will learn to make his/her own choice with all responsibility. This will be the World of true prosperity, harmony and fairness!

Nikita Merzlyakov

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