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Access Denied

  • Дата выхода: 2013-03-27
  • Лейбл: Metalism / Hammerforce
  • Номер по каталогу: MR-093-13


  1. 1

    I Am I

    Текст песни

    I Am I

    Like vampire from movie
    I live in dark eternal night
    Surrounded by humans
    I try to keep them all in sight

    Don't you see that I'm coming
    You'd better start running
    Like never before
    One wrong step and you're madman
    One more and you're deadman
    It's my little war

    I am your most terrifying foe
    Cause you can't control you anymore

    I am I, you are me
    I am you, and we are we
    But the question is: who rules over who?
    You are me, and I am you
    And still we can't get it through
    Which one rules over who: saint or sinner?
    Shepherd or the sheep?

    Living in the darkness of
    Your mind's insanity
    Making my way out of here
    Want to become free

    I wish I could, but I can't
    I wish I would, but I would not
    I know this day will not come and...

    Listen, what's that?!

  2. 2

    Templates for All

    Текст песни

    Templates for All

    Far from the teenage
    Still want to be unique
    But there are no options at all

    And since we are born
    They try determinate
    What is your place and your goal

    But I'll do my best just not to fall
    Don't wanna be someone's mindless doll
    Keep things in the places they should be
    Don't even try to stop me

    Rise up and leave all your doubts behind
    Tear down the screenplay they're trying to write
    Most precious treasure is your own soul
    But they have templates for us all
    (For us all)

    Find yourself a job
    Not the one you really like
    (Job you don't like)

    Find yourself a person
    Not the one you really love
    (Person you don't love)

    It's not the way we all must follow
    And fight your horrors
    Listen to me

    No more templates for us all

    What is your place and your goal?

  3. 3


    Текст песни


    My time is wasted
    I became nothing
    And after all I still ignore
    The voice of reason in my head

    I know I could've reached for the sun
    So high, if only I had tried that before
    Coming to the point of no return
    From where there is no other way
    Then to let myself regret
    And not to forget

    Of what I become!

    I'm a spineless worm
    Left without home
    Just a useless piece
    Of meat

    Now, please, take your seat
    And relax a bit
    Jester's on a stage
    Hey, it's me!

    Can we really get what we all deserve?
    Should you be a slave or should you be served?

    I don't know
    You do

    Time to make up your mind
    Time to leave all doubts behind

    No! I am your sloth, and I've heard enough
    Listen to me!
    You just need your TV, and your cozy seat
    No need to rush - hush...

    You just need your TV, just need your TV, just need your TV

    My time is wasted
    I am still nothing
    Can you imagine how to live without fantasies and dreams?

    I know I could've reached for the sun
    I'm a spineless worm
    Left without home

    Coming to the point of
    Point of no return
    Point of no return
    From where there is no other way

    Then to let myself regret
    And not to forget

    By those... Who did not win the stake!

  4. 4

    Mass Media

    Текст песни

    Mass Media

    My time hasn't come
    It has just begun
    I don't wanna bow
    That's all what I know

    Wish I can find you
    And stab from behind you
    But there’s just one thing

    You are mass media
    Mindless and thus merciless
    You are mass media
    I'm to save us from this mess

    They want us to obey
    Want us to be paying for
    Wanna more

    Stop! I said that's enough!
    Hear the bell rings for you
    Make it through

    Before it's too late

    Corn flakes are good
    For your
    Blood circulation system

    Yes, of course, you're right
    But I don't trust in lies
    Give me back
    My mind
    Go find another one
    I told you I don't
    I don't trust in lies

    (Save your soul)

    Millions of people're bounded to their leather couches
    And they can do nothing by their own will
    Roots of mass media monster
    Carved deep into their souls
    And the only chance to become free again
    To release the chains
    Is to...

    Pain is in your eyes
    You need to be strong
    Raise your spirit high
    You need to be strong

    No more TV-set
    And no more fast-food
    No more wicked lies

    Keep your body fit
    It's all for your good
    Buy yourself a suit
    It's all for your good

    Listen to the crowd
    And shout it back
    "I'm not in your pack!"

  5. 5


    Текст песни


    Please, cast away my sorrow and pain
    Let me inside, I'm going insane
    Black seems so white and white turns to black
    Remnants of past are right behind my back

    Down the river of repentance I follow alone
    Arrogance led me on to this path
    That is what they would say

    God, you tell me why, oh, why
    Saving a child is a crime
    Are we all blind?
    Are we blind or not?

    I killed a man who had tried
    To murder my only child

    Now we have to run and hide
    Two fugitives we are

    Blood on my hands
    Won't ever be washed away
    Damned for all time
    Is it right? Is it right?
    It's not! It's not! It's not! No! No!

    Tracked us at last, now our hope is gone
    Captured us both and there's nowhere to run
    Just like a beast is stalking his prey
    Left me with nothing, I can only pray

  6. 6

    Earth Is on Trial

    Текст песни

    Earth Is on Trial

    I'm lost in the city
    Of the broken hopes
    Misery, agony, all around
    Misery, agony, all around
    Life is gonna stop

    Cause we've used all our pre-paid time
    And the earth won't take no more
    There's no "us" - there's just "mine"
    And I doubt these things are worth fighting for

    Now, the earth is on trial, you see
    It's not like we all are used to live

    In the darkness of our lunatic minds
    Grows a feeling that it's the end of the line
    Now, thy shall be done!
    Take a tumble and it won't be fall
    Change yourself and you will save your soul
    Now, thy shall be done!

    Rearrangements have begun
    Light of hope is almost gone

    Fools! Your time is over!
    No salvation for the sinners!
    Prepare yourself for eternal pain!

    And I know that you can not see me
    But at least try to believe me
    Together we can do it better
    And save the Earth

  7. 7

    No Place for the Old Men

    Текст песни

    No Place for the Old Men

    I was thrown away
    Like a useless old broken toy
    As you can see, we're all getting off
    To the trash bin or even worse

    Surrender to your fate and forgive
    You loved them more than life but they forgot

    How you protected them
    From the nightmares they got
    When they were young

    Afraid of the darkness
    And the monsters
    Hiding under their bed

    You showed them the way and now its so sad
    They abandoned you when everything is already done

    No place for the old men!

    I needed you so but you've turned away
    And at this very time my life casts astray

    Pain slips down through my veins
    And my blood now is not that warm
    In our age when authority reigns
    Old people can’t stay in for long

    When everything is already done...

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Access Denied

    Текст песни

    Access Denied

    Access denied...

    Racks of equipment have crowded the place
    (No way)
    What's going on?

    Connection is set
    All packets are sent
    I'm on my own
    No time to waste
    All systems engaged
    I'm on my own

    What if our lives are encrypted in code?
    And then being sold!

    I lost my mind...

    Access denied!
    Paradise blackened the gates
    Access denied!
    Pray till you die for your sins
    Access denied!
    Merciless virus destroys all what we love

    I don't wanna to find this world
    Shattered into smallest pieces
    I wanna to help to save it
    From the danger and from anger
    If we do not release our minds
    And understand the problems all in one
    Then we shall face the judgement
    And redeemer will not show up
    No, no...

    Faster than bullets
    They are gonna get you
    The story's at end
    And now I am lost inside the paradise of the sin

    Gathering's begun
    Judgement will be done
    Lost and tied
    We are waiting

    Access denied... Access denied...

    Access granted.


Магазин Hammerforce

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Заскучать при прослушивании сего диска может лишь человек с терминальной стадией клипового мышления или синдромом рассеянного внимания в наиболее запущенной форме – от обилия музыкальных идей и находок, а также бешеной динамики их подачи голова идет кругом! Неоднократно ловил себя на мысли – елки-палки, ребята, да что же вы творите, альбом еще не кончился, а вы так выкладываетесь, поберегите силы – но нет, Hammerforce продолжают мочить на пределе возможностей и сыпать, как из рога изобилия, все новыми и новыми пассажами своего умопомрачительного, яркого, жесткого и драйвового прог-пауэра на грани мелодик-дэта
10/10 Heavy Music

Они действительно доказали, что группа из России способна записать нескучный и изобретательный пауэр-металлический альбом. Причем «Access Denied» полностью удовлетворит и хэви-традиционалиста, и искателя разумных музыкальных приключений и даже сторонника умного текстового содержания…
Всеволод Баронин

Альбом Access Denied группы Hammerforce выполнен технично, профессиональными музыкантами. Каждый трек прописан со всей скрупулёзностью и не заставляет заскучать даже самого привередливого слушателя за счет необычных решений и переходов. Любителям тяжелой музыки с индустриальными вставками и синтетическим звучанием данный релиз придется по вкусу, также как и сторонникам  ненапрягающего металла. Hammerforce с альбомом Access Denied заслуживают место в линейке команд, играющих Progressive Power Metal в международном масштабе.
Евгений Орешкин, Insurgent

40 минут угара и скорости вам гарантированы
Наш НеФормат

If you can imagine Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Stratovarius and Dragonforce jamming at a techno rave (throw in the odd progressive curve ball a la Dream Theater), you won’t be a million miles away from where Hammerforce are headed.
Fireworks Magazine

Whether you prefer older school power metal, or more modern power metal, this album is sure to have you headbanging and air jamming along.
8.75/10 Metal Storm

One of the best bands of the century by far
10/10 WoodBangers LLC Network

Access Denied is the real candidate to be the best Metal album of the year. If you like original and fresh Power Metal this release is right for you!
10/10 My Global Mind

My mind automatically thinks Dream Theater. Some amazing synth work as I listen to it is played with as much talent as the guitar work and they compliment each other very well. Vocals are hitting great highs almost reminiscent of Rob Halford style, drums are fast and accurate with a high levels of detail to compliment every note been played by the other instruments.

This is recklessly fun and energetic power metal with a twist, created by some incredibly talented musicians and songwriters. They might not be world-beaters, but they’ve certainly got the potential to become a dominating force within the genre.
11/13 R13

Hammerforce have a lot going for themselves in the signature departments
8.5/10 Metalliville

Hammerforce’s Access Denied is easily most consistent fast and loud power metal album so far for this year. The keyboard elements that stand out will help them gain new interested power metal fans. Musicianship is easily just above standard to make this album really sounded.
8/10 Metal Harem

It will have you punching the air, air-guitaring, snapping your neck and at times it can be like the mosh-pit hitting the dance floor
The Mayfair Mall Zine

This is one of the better, more original Power Metal albums I’ve heard in some time
7.5/10 Metal Observer

Access Denied is an all-around unrelenting album that could be enjoyed by fans of many different metal genres
B+ Unappreciated Scholars

These guys have got to be one of the best bands to ever emerge from Russia. They are so skilled and talented musicians and deserve much respect. Access Denied is one of the best Power Metal releases I have ever heard. If you can think of a more Progressive Synth driven version of Hammerfall or Blind Guardian then that is what Hammerforce has to offer. One Hell of a release through and through! Every Metal fan must check these guys out, even if your not a Power Metal fan, you will find some appreciation for what these guys do!
Beowolf Productions

Their style is different than is typical of Power Metal in that they skew away from the classical roots of Rhapsody and Sonata Arctica and lean towards techno. If you had just suggested this to me I would have assumed it would suck but after hearing the album, surprisingly, it doesn’t.
3.75/5 Metal Crypt

Access Denied is a good, strong album… May the (Hammer)force be with you!
Uber Rock

Hammerforce are one of a handful of bands, I can think of, who are breathing fresh life into the power metal genre and if you crave something a little bit different then these guys come highly recommended!
Brutiful Metal Radio

My initial impression of St. Petersburg’s (the cold Russian one, not the retirement resort in Florida) Hammerforce was that of a Nemesis Jr., and I mean that in a positive way. This is highly competent and catchy power metal with a heavy use of more techno/dance keyboard sounds than is typical for power metal (lots of boops and beeps and orchestral hits than strings, horns, and atmospheric tones)
3.5/5 Black Wind Metal

Power metal with a prog edge is the band’s forte and they can indeed play it well
Get Ready To Rock

There’s a hint of early Judas Priest in there
3/5 The Metal Pit

В записи принимали участие

Структура композиций: Илья Капралов
Автор гитарных риффов: Илья Капралов
Партии ритм-гитар исполнены Ильёй Капраловым, Никитой Мерзляковым и Ильёй Мамаевым, записаны Ильёй Капраловым и Никитой Мерзляковым на их частных студиях
Автор синтезаторных аранжировок: Никита Мерзляков
Партии синтезаторов, сэмплеров и других клавишных запрограммированы, исполнены и записаны Никитой Мерзляковым на его частной студии
Партия фортепиано в (9) исполнена и записана Екатериной Сергеевой
Авторы вокальных мелодий: Никита Мерзляков (1, 2, 4–7) и Дмитрий Яновский (3–6, 9)
Вокальные парти исполнены Дмитрием Яновским, записаны Никитой Мерзляковым на его студии
Партии ударных исполнены Александром Жучихиным, записаны Никитой Мерзляковым на его частной студии
Дополнительный монтаж ударных в (9): Екатерина Сергеева
Партии бас-гитары исполнены и записаны Ильёй Капраловым
Все партии соло-гитары в (2, 3, 5, 9) и некоторые в (6, 8) сочинены, исполнены и записаны Ильёй Капраловым на его частной студии
Все партии соло-гитары в (1, 4) и некоторые в (6, 8) сочинены и исполнены Ильёй Мамаевым, записаны Никитой Мерзляковым на его частной студии
Партии акустической гитары сочинены и исполнены Ильёй Капраловым, записаны Никитой Мерзляковым на его частной студии

Саунд-продюсер: Никита Мерзляков
Сведение и мастеринг выполнил Никита Мерзляков на своей частной студии

Автор текстов песен: Дмитрий Яновский

Графика: Сергей Фомичёв из группы StarBreeze
Фото: Илья Капралов


Hammerforce благодарит:
Сергея Фомичёва (за прекрасный арт и поддержку), Екатерину Сергееву (за поддержку, идеи и участие), Антона Шостаковского (наш прошлый басист), Илью Лемура, Андрея Шпитальника, Виктора Минкина, Артёма и других вокалистов, пробовавшихся к нам, Николая Фомичёва (за некоторые идеи), Александра Орлова (за позирование для арта), и всех, кто как-либо помог нам в создании этого альбома (простите, если забыли упомянуть кого-то явно)

Особая благодарность за поддержку: Андрею Звонарёву (из Power Metal группы Beorn, Россия), Steven Weeks (Великобритания), Eddie Risdal (из Black Metal группы Legacy Of Emptiness, Норвегия), Bas Van Den Berg (Нидерланды), Hendrik Mie?ner и Наталье «Ziry» Меницкой (Россия).

Никита лично благодарит Екатерину Сергееву (за любовь, тепло, понимание, участие и поддержку), Илью Капралова (с тобой легко работать), родителей и братьев (за терпение и поддержку, спасибо, что не мешаете!), Аллена Карра, Михаила Литвака и Глеба Архангельского (за отличные идеи и книги, которые мне очень помогли в жизни), все классные металлические (и не только) группы, которые вдохновляли меня, среди них: Raintime, Kovenant, 2 Times Terror, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Twilightning, Lost Horizon, MyGrain, Labyrinth, Athena, Masterplan, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, DJ BoBo, Masterboy (надеюсь, вы простите мне последних ;) )
Откажись от стереотипов и живи своей собственной жизнью!

Илья Капралов лично говорит спасибо:
Никите Мерзлякову за огромный вклад в наше совместное творчество и кропотливый труд над альбомом. Отличная работа!
Екатерине Сергеевой за силы и время, потраченные на тексты и помощь группе. Превосходно!
Александру Жучихину за его помощь в работе над материалом во время репетиций. Иногда очень важно, чтобы кто-то мог послушать и оценить, что уже сочинено, поиграть вместе вживую, посоветовать и изменить, возможно, всего лишь ноту или рифф. В итоге это может оказаться весьма ценным!
И, конечно, большое спасибо остальным музыкантам нашей группы: Дмитрию Яновскому и Илье Мамаеву.

Дмитрий: Я хочу поблагодарить мою семью и мою любимую Дарью за веру в меня на протяжении всего процесса. Также спасибо остальным участникам группы, которые проделали эту потрясающую работу самостоятельно, и конечно же отдельное спасибо Никите за превосходную запись.

Напоследок самое важное: спасибо всем нашим слушателям и фанатам! Без вас, ваших признания и поддержки это всё не имело бы смысла!

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