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Digital download (MP3, 320 kbps or FLAC) of album 'Access Denied'

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Digital download (MP3 320 kbps and/or FLAC) of album ‘Access Denied’

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  1. I Am I
  2. Templates for All
  3. Wasted
  4. Mass Media
  5. Fugitive
  6. Earth Is on Trial
  7. No Place for the Old Men
  8. Reflections
  9. Access Denied


If you can imagine Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Stratovarius and Dragonforce jamming at a techno rave (throw in the odd progressive curve ball a la Dream Theater), you won’t be a million miles away from where Hammerforce are headed.
Fireworks Magazine

Whether you prefer older school power metal, or more modern power metal, this album is sure to have you headbanging and air jamming along.
8.75/10 Metal Storm

One of the best bands of the century by far
10/10 WoodBangers LLC Network

Access Denied is the real candidate to be the best Metal album of the year. If you like original and fresh Power Metal this release is right for you!
10/10 My Global Mind

My mind automatically thinks Dream Theater. Some amazing synth work as I listen to it is played with as much talent as the guitar work and they compliment each other very well. Vocals are hitting great highs almost reminiscent of Rob Halford style, drums are fast and accurate with a high levels of detail to compliment every note been played by the other instruments.

This is recklessly fun and energetic power metal with a twist, created by some incredibly talented musicians and songwriters. They might not be world-beaters, but they’ve certainly got the potential to become a dominating force within the genre.
11/13 R13

Hammerforce have a lot going for themselves in the signature departments
8.5/10 Metalliville

Hammerforce’s Access Denied is easily most consistent fast and loud power metal album so far for this year. The keyboard elements that stand out will help them gain new interested power metal fans. Musicianship is easily just above standard to make this album really sounded.
8/10 Metal Harem

It will have you punching the air, air-guitaring, snapping your neck and at times it can be like the mosh-pit hitting the dance floor
The Mayfair Mall Zine

This is one of the better, more original Power Metal albums I’ve heard in some time
7.5/10 Metal Observer

Access Denied is an all-around unrelenting album that could be enjoyed by fans of many different metal genres
B+ Unappreciated Scholars

These guys have got to be one of the best bands to ever emerge from Russia. They are so skilled and talented musicians and deserve much respect. Access Denied is one of the best Power Metal releases I have ever heard. If you can think of a more Progressive Synth driven version of Hammerfall or Blind Guardian then that is what Hammerforce has to offer. One Hell of a release through and through! Every Metal fan must check these guys out, even if your not a Power Metal fan, you will find some appreciation for what these guys do!
Beowolf Productions

Their style is different than is typical of Power Metal in that they skew away from the classical roots of Rhapsody and Sonata Arctica and lean towards techno. If you had just suggested this to me I would have assumed it would suck but after hearing the album, surprisingly, it doesn’t.
3.75/5 Metal Crypt

Access Denied is a good, strong album… May the (Hammer)force be with you!
Uber Rock

Hammerforce are one of a handful of bands, I can think of, who are breathing fresh life into the power metal genre and if you crave something a little bit different then these guys come highly recommended!
Brutiful Metal Radio

My initial impression of St. Petersburg’s (the cold Russian one, not the retirement resort in Florida) Hammerforce was that of a Nemesis Jr., and I mean that in a positive way. This is highly competent and catchy power metal with a heavy use of more techno/dance keyboard sounds than is typical for power metal (lots of boops and beeps and orchestral hits than strings, horns, and atmospheric tones)
3.5/5 Black Wind Metal

Power metal with a prog edge is the band’s forte and they can indeed play it well
Get Ready To Rock

There’s a hint of early Judas Priest in there
3/5 The Metal Pit


Songs structure by Ilya Kapralov
Rhythm guitar riffs by Ilya Kapralov
Rhythm guitars performed by Ilya Kapralov, Nikita Merzlyakov and Ilya Mamaev, tracked and edited by Ilya Kapralov and Nikita Merzlyakov at their private studios
Drums performed by Aleksandr Zhuchihin, tracked and edited by Nikita Merzlyakov at his private studio
Additional drums editing on (9) by Kate Sergeeva
Bass performed, tracked and edited by Ilya Kapralov at his private studio
Vocal melodies by Nikita Merzlyakov (1,2,4-7) and Dmitriy “Ian Breeg” Yanovskiy (3-6,9)
Vocals performed by Dmitriy “Ian Breeg” Yanovskiy, tracked and edited by Nikita Merzlyakov at his private studio
All solo guitars on (2,3,5,9) and some on (6,8) performed, tracked and edited by Ilya Kapralov at his private studio
All solo guitars on (1,4) and some on (6,8) performed by Ilya Mamaev, tracked and edited by Nikita Merzlyakov at his private studio
Acoustic guitars performed by Ilya Kapralov, tracked and edited by Nikita Merzlyakov at his private studio
Synth arrangements by Nikita Merzlyakov
All synths, samplers and keyboards performed, programmed and tracked by Nikita Merzlyakov at his private studio
Piano on (9) performed and tracked by Kate Sergeeva

Produced, mixed and mastered by Nikita Merzlyakov at his private studio

Lyrics by Dmitriy “Ian Breeg” Yanovskiy

Artwork by Sergey Fomichov from StarBreeze


Hammerforce would like to thank:
Sergey Fomichov (for beautiful artwork and support), Kate Sergeeva (for support, ideas and contribution), Anton Shostakovskiy (our former bass player), Ilya Lemur, Andrey Shpitalnik, Viktor Minkin, Artem and other vocalists that we tried to collaborate with, Nikolay Fomichev (for some ideas), Aleksandr Orlov (for posing for artwork), and everybody who somehow helped us during creation of this album (sorry if we forgot somebody)

Special thanks for their notable support to: Andrey Zvonarev (from Beorn – promising new Power Metal band!), Steven Weeks, Eddie Risdal (and his band Legacy Of Emptiness – check it out!), Bas Van Den Berg, Hendrik Mießner and Nataly “Ziry” Menitskaya \m/

Nikita personally thanks: Kate Sergeeva (for love, understanding and support), Ilya Kapralov (for being the good guy to deal with), my parents and brothers (for their patience and support), Allen Carr, Mikhail Litvak and Gleb Arkhangelsky (for their excellent ideas and books), Kjell-Ivar Aarli (from Legacy Of Emptiness for kind words, and info), all great Metal (and not so Metal) bands that inspired me, among them: Raintime, Kovenant, 2 Times Terror, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Twilightning, Lost Horizon, MyGrain, Labyrinth, Athena, Masterplan, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, DJ BoBo, Masterboy (please forgive me last two, hehe)
Live your own life, and no more templates for us all!

Ilya Kapralov‘s thanx to:
Nikita Merzlyakov – for his great contribution in our music, for his laborious work on music through the whole album. Really great work!
Kate Sergeeva – for efforts on texts and support of our band! Awesome!
Alexandr Zhuchihin – for his implicit help in composing, during rehearsals. Sometimes it’s very necessary to have a person, who can test what is composed already, play with you and make an advise to change riff or note, even a little, but this may be very cool finally!
Of course, great thanx to other members of our group – Dmitriy “Ian Breeg” Yanovsky and Ilya Mamaev.

Dmitriy: I would like to thank my family and my beloved one Darya for keeping the faith in me during the whole process. I would also like to say thanks to my band-mates, who did incredible job on their own and of course we need to thank Nikita for getting it all together and making the record as good as it can be.

And last but not least: greatest thanks and loud hails go to all our fans!


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