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Who is John Galt? Or the book that will change the World


I was going to start my own blog for the long time, but in all this mess when I virtually have 3 full-time jobs it is quite hard to find time for a blog. Finally I realized that further creative work is meaningless without straight communication, discussion and exchange of ideas with like-minded listeners and musicians. Of course it can be done on social networks, but posts there get lost too quickly and often get unnoticed. That’s why today I start my own blog attached to the site of my main musical project. Here I will publish everything that is important to me but doesn’t fit into Hammerforce news category. And here is my first short post about the book that changed my life.

Recently I’ve finished reading the book that helped me to see many things in their true light. This book is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I can’t recommend it to everyone, because most people are still lazy and talentless social vampires sucking out of minority of those great heroes who really develop their talents and abilities. Unfortunately this book cannot kick and motivate a freeloader (anyway there are lots of books out there that can), but fortunately this book is for those smart, capable, talented, responsible and fair people, who are tired serving for mediocrities, parasites, opportunists, and lazy fools.

Some people say that this is the book for businessmen. But as far as I can see, a modern business operate on fully different principles, based on conviction of consumers that they somehow need a product by advertising and other marketing tools instead of real benefits and usefulness of a product for consumer (yeah, we actually buy too many stuff that we don’t really need, but there is always something that is really needed and that we don’t have because all money is already wasted for advertised garbage). Atlas can’t teach how to brainwash your potential customers, but chances are that after reading it you will never want to fool your buyers again.

This book can be highly helpful for desperate creators and particularly musicians. It gave me clear statement of the values ​​that I previously only felt intuitively. I always had to live in permanent doubts because of unpopularity of such ideas in our society of self-sacrifice and indulgence for weakness. Now I can rethink my place in the World and the mission of my creative work.

I am looking forward communication with musicians who also support ideas of Ayn Rand. Todays musical industry with all the piracy and exploitation of creators needs to meet John Galt

Please feel free to leave any comments, discussion is highly appreciated. Thanks!



  1. Chainer - May 19, 2014 1:46 am

    What a coincidence, I am reading this book right now! And I totally agree with you, Nikita.
    Sorry but it is not finished, so I cannot discuss in detail yet…

    I don’t know why, but this book provides me full motivation to continue and finish my projects. Amazing. The reading is not easy but still worthy, no doubt.

    I hope to see/hear John Galt in your next album =)


    • Nikita - May 20, 2014 5:04 pm

      Hey Chainer,

      Thanks for your comment!
      Nice coincidence for sure!
      Would be nice to have full album about it, but I can’t write lyrics, so it can be a problem for now…


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